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Donate to Save Hearts and the Chance to Win.

Salt ‘n’ Sauce is running a collection via our forum whereby you can donate £10 to a fund and will be entered into a draw for prizes. We felt buying shares meant money wouldn’t go straight into the club, so we have decided to allow people to donate £10 into a ‘kitty’ and at the end of next week we will go and buy a number of items ranging from match tickets to club merchandise from Hearts. Then everyone who donated £10 will be entered into a raffle draw for the prizes. We felt this was better than buying shares as instead of paying off the tax bill, the money is going into the club, we aren’t being conned by Vlad that the shares mean anything and those donating have the opportunity to win some prizes.

If any Jambos (or non-jambos if you want to help :/) would like to join in and donate £10 towards the club and enter the draw then go to Salt ‘n’ Sauce and see the details of how to do so. You will need to sign up as you need a username, but that doesn’t take long. 


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Hearts – The Share Deal

Yesterday saw Hearts announce a ‘Share offer’ which the club claim will allow fans to increase their interest in the club. The offer sees Ukio Bankas Investment Group (UBIG) give up, 10% of their current shares to be sold off to supporters at 11p per share, with the club hoping to raise around £1.79million, which Hearts claim will go directly back into the club.

Needless to say this new venture has been met with mixed opinions from Jambos.

The share offer could turn out a number of ways. If taken at face value, which Jambos have become sceptical about doing during Romanovs reign, then this could be the start of the club becoming fan owned. This would see shares slowly sold off by UBIG in small amounts to supporters of the club. We have seen this happen already across in Germany where Bundislieg teams are now almost totally owned by the fans and you have to say it’s been successful. With the fans more involved with the running of the club, they have become the main focus, not dragging in external revenue. Fantastic match day experiences, extremely low ticket prices, focus on developing clubs youth system, has led to the Bundislieg becoming arguably the best league for supporters in the world. Adding to this the success that the Germans are seeing in European and international competitions, and you wonder why more countries haven’t adopted this approach. Well if this is the way it pans out for Hearts, then you could well see the club pioneering the business model in the UK, whether it would be as successful in the UK, well that’s yet to be discovered.

A slightly more sceptical viewpoint is that these shares will be used simply to pay off some debt, basically going straight into UBIGS pocket, and the club will see none of it. It’s not hard to see where this view comes from given Vlad’s reign at the club has seen a number of half-truths given to supporters. One certainly hopes this won’t be the case, but even the threat of it may have an impact on the response to the share offer, with fans taking the better safe than sorry approach.

Some fans have even been actively trying to stop others from joining in in this deal. Stating that setting up a fans fund, aimed at buying out Vlad would be a better move. Indeed it would be if this share deal turns out to be nothing more than a half arsed scam, but why not give it a go? If the club, that Jambos know and love, are being truthful here, then this share deal could see the beginning of the end for Romanovs reign and the opportunity for that has to be worth a punt surely?


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Away Days

For those that have known me from the old BBC606,  through to Salt ‘N’ Sauce, you will know I have been a season ticket holder (for the 2nd time) at Easter Road since my boy turned 6, next week he turns 10.

In those years we have missed maybe 2 or 3 games at home because of other family commitments, but we always try to get to a handful of away days games.
This season our first visit was Parkhead for the 2-2 draw with Celtic and with our improving home form, we decided to head to Dingwall on a bus with friends for the Ross Co match.

The original bus fell through but we did manage to get booked onto another bus and clarify that tickets would be on sale at the ground on the day.
7.30am – Was time to get up and get ready, full of anticipation. Breakfast was had and bag was packed.

8.30am – Left home for the short walk to Corstorphine for the bus.

9.00am – Bus arrived at we all got seated.

9.00am – 12noon The bus journey to Dingwall, yes even i was surprised that it was only 3hrs, the driver was great, the music was good that was played and a nice journey was topped with a nice erm packed lunch

12 noon – As we got of the bus we noticed that the ticket portacabin was shut and we asked a security guard about match tickets, he grumbled something about checking at main reception. We (meaning the 6 of us) went into the main reception, where a guy was more than helpful sorting us with match tickets and by the looks of it most of the bus were right behind us.

Tickets acquired we headed to the pub next to the railway station The Mallard, where several pints were consumed watching the Celtic v St Mirren and Spurs v Chelsea matches. The staff were great even playing Sunshine on Leith which got the atmosphere started. The local police popped in a couple of times and were pretty happy to let things get on as there was no problems, we even wound them up for leaving the door open and letting in the cold air.

3.00pm Kick off! To be fair the first half from Hibs point of view was a let down, we got the early Griffiths goal, which gave us false hope about what was to happen as County came back to lead 2-1, but a nice McPake volley gave Hibs a somewhat undeserved half time draw. The 2nd half from a Hibs performance was much better, so it was probably apt when it was Ross Co who nipped up the park to score the winner with really the only shot on target the whole half from either team.

Best for Hibs were Claros seems settled now, Griffiths never stopped working and McGivern who looks like a good find, hopefully all 3 will be at Easter Road after Jan window.

5.00pm Journey started and due to an accident on the A9 and diversions in place, we didn’t get back to Corstorphine until 9.45pm, only time for a quick feed and bed as we were knackered and full of beer.

Great away day even if a poor result at the end! Roll on the next Away Day!



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Vlad at Heart of Jambo’s Payment Problems?

It’s becoming as regular as a missed penalty at Tynecastle.

Once again, for a consecutive month, a number of Hearts first team players and coaching staff have failed to receive their monthly wages on time. For Jambos everywhere, it’s becoming a very frustrating scenario, that plays straight into the hands of the west coast media(their love of whipping Hearts isn’t just a conspiracy theory.Where were the sensationalist headlines when Falkirk failed to pay a £220,000 tax bill, that’s right, it went virtually unreported, and its very naive to think that at some point the big wigs at the west coast publications didn’t know about Rangers tax evasion and dual contract, but that’s a different story.) Around Hearts stories of bankrupcy, mass exodus of players, and liquidation are starting to appear, but how true are they?

As a Hearts fan, you get the feeling that these delayed payments, (lets get that straight, the wages are delayed. Not once in Romanov’s tenure have the players failed to receive their wages! ) Are more of Romanov sticking two fingers up to the SFA and the SPL than they are down to Hearst having no money. On all of the previous occasions the wages have been payed as close as possible to the deadline set by the SPL. This cannot just be coincidental that the funds come through in the final hour EVERY time.

Indeed the Hearts players may not be suffering due to the SPL or the SFA having angered Romanov. His recent humiliation in the Lithuanian election may well be a factor in this. Vlad is a man of huge self pride, and coming bottom of the entire party roster won’t have filled the man with glee.

The wage delay has shed some light on why a certain Rudi Skacel hasn’t signed again, as it turns out that the Jambo’s have been under a transfer ban since last month when they also delayed payment of wages. One does wonder however, why Hearts, had their transfer ban put into effect immediately, unlike a certain The Ranger FC who were allowed an entire transfer window before theirs took effect. Of course, no Hearts fan is truly surprised about that, in fact I think it would have been more of a shock had they been allowed to follow in The Rangers footsteps.

So what next for Hearts. The once mighty club has had their image dragged through the sewers thanks to their owner, and whilst they may even owe their current and continued existence to the man, you cent help but feel that he has outstayed his welcome, and indeed owning the club has become less of a play thing to him, then simply a means to vent his anger at others. You do worry for the club long term, and the longer that Romanov remains at the help the deeper the damage goes, but I wouldn’t be pushing the panic button just yet if I was you. The money to pay the wages, and indeed any other bill is there its just the stubborn owner has chosen not to release it just yet.

Hopefully for all Hearts fans there will be a resolution to the entire situation in the not too distant future, and the Jambos can stop being put through this repetitive torture.


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“Away up in Gorgie at Tynecastle Park”

“Away up in Gorgie at Tynecastle Park….”

Hearts - Tynecastle StadiumThe opening line to probably the most famous song in Scottish club football.

My first trip away up to Gorgie to Tynecastle to see the Hearts was when i was aged about 5 or 6. I can’t claim to remember much about the game that day, it was the late sixties and i don’t think Hearts were playing a brand of football at the time which would inspire memories in adults, far less a bairn. I do remember my dad lifting me over the turnstile at the old school end and then having to wait for him as he dashed into the old toilet block just inside the turnstile to add to the stream of hot pee running down the slope. I also remember being fascinated by the drinking water trough, complete with brass cup on a chain at the bottom of the steep flight of steps leading up to the terracing.

When we got onto the terracing itself i couldn’t believe the size of the place, the large terraces behind either goal, the long shed running almost the length of one touchline and the wooden main stand running the entire length of the other. There wasn’t a particularly large crowd there that day, but it was still the most people I’d ever seen in one place at the same time. When the teams took the pitch i immediately fell in love with the bright maroon tops one of them was wearing. I was hooked, that was it. I was a Hearts fan.

My dad seems to remember we played Ayr United that day, although it really could have been Leeds United for all i knew. I spent the remainder of that afternoon down at the wall directly behind the goal at the school end running around with a couple of my cousins, paying very little attention to what was going on, on the pitch.

The “down at the wall” thing continued for a few seasons. I think we were sent there so that the adults could vent their frustrations at events on the pitch without abusing “delicate” ears. Let’s be brutally honest, Hearts were rubbish around this time and several mind-numbingly poor performances were only slightly alleviated by the occasional good performance which always led to the never answered question “why can’t we play like that every week dad ?”

By the time i was 15 or 16 i was at Tynecastle every second Saturday, come rain or shine (mostly rain). Dark clouds were gathering on the field too as relegation approached for the first time. My love affair with Hearts started to wane as i realised that rather than spend my meager supply of money on watching the likes of Alloa or Arbroath, I’d be better spending it on new found loves (beer and girls).

This remained the case for a few seasons as Hearts struggled to find any consistency on the pitch and yo-yo’d between the top flight and the first division. By my Early 20’s however, i was back with a vengeance. Season ’84-’85 saw me attend every single game, home and away, and this was also the plan for the following season.

Tynecastle hadn’t changed much since my first visit apart from the installation of wooden benches in the “shed”. This meant that the hard core singers and chanters had moved to the top corner of the shed at the school end. This was the preferred vantage point of myself, my brother and our mates. You had to keep an eye out for the Pee running down the steps from the toilets at the top, but the crowds were returning to Tynecastle and it was pretty vibrant in there.

’85-’86 dawned, and there was some optimism at Tynecastle, we had some good youngsters and a few seasoned old pro’s were brought in to add some much needed steel and knowledge. After a fairly innocuous start, Hearts started to gain some momentum and by Christmas were top of the league. Tynecastle was rocking every home game and it was a pleasure to stand on those old terraces and watch the team put in good performance after good performance. Perhaps i was finally going to see Hearts win a trophy? I won’t bore you with the remainder of the season, it’s been well enough documented by better writers than me. Suffice to say the journey home from Dens park, Dundee on the final day of the season left me feeling as dispirited and empty as I had ever felt, before or since. The cup final loss the following weekend only served to compound my misery. I had now given up on seeing Hearts win anything in my lifetime, but as my dad says “you don’t support Hearts to see them win trophies, you support Hearts because they’re Hearts”

My attendance at Tynecastle over the next decade or so was sporadic as I had moved away from Edinburgh and I couldn’t always get back at the weekend. Results and performances were sporadic as well, with a “good” season being invariably followed by a “not so good” season. Hearts had also reached another couple of finals (one Scottish cup, one League cup), only to be beaten by Rangers on both occasions.

By 1998 i was living in Ireland and Hearts had reached the Scottish cup final for the second time in 3 years where we were due to play Rangers again, they’d beaten us 5-1 two years previously and i wasn’t exactly confident about our prospects this time around. I’d decided to skip it, but my partner at the time said “look, if they win it and you’re not there, you will never forgive yourself”, she was right. On the Friday before the game we flew over, we didn’t have tickets for the match but i figured even if I’m in Edinburgh and we win, it’ll be good enough for me. We went for a drink on the Friday night and the pub was jumping, it seemed that every man and his dog was going to the game. I put out the word that i was looking for tickets and within 5 minutes a lad approached me and said he had 4 spares if i wanted them. I almost bit his hand off as i took 2, he also said he was running a bus if we wanted seats. This was too good to be true.

The bus left the pub early on the Saturday and we didn’t even make it out of Edinburgh before we had to stop for a top up for our carry out. By the time we got to Glasgow everyone was flying.

The game itself was a mixture of ecstasy (Colin Cameron’s first minute penalty and Stephane Adam’s second goal) and agony (Ally McCoist’s late goal for them and the seven minutes of injury time…..where that came from I’ll never know), but when the final whistle sounded i stood there in stunned disbelief…..Hearts had won the cup, I’d finally seen them win something. I’m not ashamed to admit i cried, as did my girlfriend who’d never been to a football match in her life, as did the elderly woman on the other side of me who had also grabbed me and was trying to squeeze the life out of me despite her husband’s pleas of “for god sake Mary, will you put that poor laddie doon?”
The Journey back to Edinburgh and the remainder of the weekend was a blur, as I suspect it was for all Hearts fans. I still couldn’t take in the fact that we’d won the cup. Of course, I’ve since see Hearts win the cup on 2 further occasions since, but they are stories for another day

By Kevin Munroe

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Craig needs a win our he could be Levein!

It’s a big, big night in Cardiff tonight. The Battle of Britain resumes this time between the two nations often shunned by the pro-English media. This has been highlighted by the BBC’s decision to air England v San Marino, what should be a walkover for England but will probably end up in them holding onto a 1 goal lead for most of the match then nicking a 2nd goal late on making the hard fought win look relatively easy, over what should prove to be an emphatic match between two British nations! The word idiotic, springs to mind.

Both Wales and Scotland need wins. However you wouldn’t know it! Craig Levein has already come out and stated he didn’t feel that Scotland need to win. WRONG!! In complete contrast Wales captain Ashley Williams has claimed his side are desperate for victory over Scotland tonight. No wonder the Tartan Army are fed up with Levein!

A constant refusal to start Jordan Rhodes, a player who had 47 goals in 47 games for club and country, and a bust up which prevented Stephen Fletcher, one of Scotlands best goalscorers in years, from playing for a prolonged period of time, partnered with 2 draws in their 2 opening home games against two sides who Scotland could have expected to beat has made for a torrid time for anyone supporting Scotland.

It’s not even as if he is trying to win either, his 4-1-4-1 tactics are not utilizing Scotlands main assets these days, for once their attacking players! Scotlands defence is probably the worst its been in over 20 years, however Levein refuses to use the attacking options of S Fletcher, Rhodes, Commons, Naismith, Adam and Maloney to name a few, to their full potential.

Whilst the Tartan Army have voiced some frustration, the calls for Levein to go have been relatively muted for such a vocal nation. However you get the feeling that anything but a win against a side who were thrashed 6-1 in their previous outing in the group, would spell all put the end for the Levein. If he does fail to win, it could be to late for Scotland to save their campaign, and the dream of turning vibrant Rio blue and white may be all but over.

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Hibernian FC – The Deegan Saga

Hibs Deegan

Hibs player Gary Deegan was assaulted on a night out in Edinburgh.

It was a sad day for sport in Edinburgh. A city which recently claimed Europe’s number one destination at the world’s top travel awards, suffered a huge public blow when on of the current Hibs squad was attacked outside a club iin the city, whilst out celebrating his sides 3-0 victory over Dundee earlier in the day.

It has yet o be confirmed, but reports from witnesses suggest that an argument had been on-going inside the nightclub between Deegan, a few other members of the Hibs squad and some fellow clubbers. The argument supposedly originated around footballing matters, with the aggressors reportedly being supporters of Hibs rivals Heart of Midlothian. If this is true then it raises serious concerns about the way football is heading in Scotland’s capital.

Again there are no confirmations of what the argument was about, but it must have been serious enough for the aggressors to wait for Deegan to leave the club, follow him along the road and then attack him outside the Hard Rock Cafe. Deegan was left with a broken jaw and has been ruled out of football for a number of weeks. Its a sore shame, that a player can celebrate a good performance by his team, without getting abuse and in this case assaulted by opposing fans. Remember Edinburgh prides itself on being a city where its clubs share a non-aggressive rivalry.

A number of questions have still to be fully answered, was it indeed a Hearts fan who attacked Deegan, who had instigated the argument, and will this lead to further separation of players from there loyal supporters?


Clancy The First Of Many

Hibs boss Pat Fenlon has said the the signing of Tim Clancy is just the start of a complete overhaul of his side. The club have acknowledge they have a lot of work to do in order to improve on the previous season which saw them only just stave of relegation although they did reach the Scottish Cup Final.


Hibs have been linked with Partick Thistle midfielder Paul Cairney and Carlisle’s Slovakian defender Lubomir Michalik in recent days, as well as talk of a permanent move for centre back James McPake. The Hibs boss however refused to be drawn into guess who games “We have identified where we need to strengthen. We are speaking to players of the quality we want and who will improve the team. There’s been a lot of e-mails and phone calls but that’s as much as I would like to say at this stage.”


Home is where the Hearts is

John McGlynn has been given permission to speak to Hearts by his currentl club Raith Rovers.

In a club statement Rovers said they did not wish to stand in the way of McGlynn’s career progression. McGlynn has great affiliations with Hearts having been a coach at the club for a number of years as well as being caretaker manager on a number of occasions. He also has knowledge of a number of the clubs younger player having had many loaned out to him at Raith Rovers.

Welcome Message

Welcome to Salt ‘n’ Sauce. The only fan site on the internet created for the best fans in the world, the fans of Edinburgh football, run by fans of Edinburgh football.

This isn’t any old internet fans’ site – it isn’t a site where posters converse with each other in single words of one syllable. Salt ‘n’ Sauce is here to encourage proper banter, debate and conversation. Piss taking is allowed, rivalry is encouraged, but make sure you keep it civil and we all go home friends. Salt ‘n’ Sauce is for posters who love the banter, hate the hate.

Although we’re all here for the Hibs and the Hearts, this site isn’t just football. Salt ‘n’ Sauce is here to allow you to discuss everything that is good (and bad) about Edinburgh. Primarily a sports site we’re here to talk the Derby, the rivalries, the steep slopes of Tynie and the sunshine on Leith. Also what goes on at Murrayfield, what goes on elsewhere within the world of Edinburgh sport and what goes on generally elsewhere that catches the imagination of our folk.

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